Top News Websites on the Internet

Reading news over the internet changed the rules for news, journalists and most newspapers. Top newspapers work along with the fast-moving world, by involving themselves with technology. Technology changed the ways how news industry was running. Now, digital marketing, data analyst and many more are involved in the industry. In the past decade, many news websites came over only to dominate the traditional newspapers arriving at doorsteps every morning. Here are the top news websites which have evolved to provide news from all over the world.


Buzzfeed is an online platform, originally introduced as a news sharing site. The craze made BuzzFeed a worldwide website to watch updated news within seconds of uploading. In recent years their investment in investigative journalism won prestigious awards. This made Buzzfeed officially one of the best news websites.

Google News

Google news works on connecting the latest news from various websites and presents the links. Yet, people prefer it to an individual news website. It allows people to know which website first released particular news. It has various categories from local news to international news.

Yahoo! News

Yahoo News works similar to Google news. The news is released within yahoo news from different sources. Detailed pinned down news is obtained, allowing readers to choose the topmost news which interests them. The reader’s point of view is largely considered making it the most preferable news among others.

BBC News

Also known as the largest broadcasting, British broadcasting corporation shook the world with unpredictable news many times. The trust among people with BBC news is a prestige it’s carrying for 90 years.


CNN is officially rated one of the most visited news websites. It gained popularity for many stories, drawing attention to themselves. This is a traditional TV news channel expanded into technology news. CNN is one of the most influential websites because of its TV channel popularity among adults and the elderly.

NBC News

NBC News is popular for releasing controversial news. It raises different opinions from various people. The engagement among people within the NBC news channel, sharing the news, and high involvement made NBC news a highly visited website. NBC is also a traditional news channel that worked its way into the world wide web to be globally present.

Associated press news

Also known as AP news, is one of the trustworthy news websites. AP press news is a non-profit allowing different stories to be published unbiased. The gained trust from viewers is its asset.


The other popular news websites include NPR, C-Span, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, The Economist and The Christian Science monitor. These are the trustworthy news websites, making people crosscheck in these websites about certain facts. However, many traditional newspapers have expanded into websites and running more successfully than ever. The New York times for New Yorkers, The Hindu for Indians and The LA times for Los Angeles are preferable for respective locales, due to their unending bond from years. Hence, local news websites are honored to provide accurate news from time to time.