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Top News Websites on the Internet

Reading news over the internet changed the rules for news, journalists and most newspapers. Top newspapers work along with the fast-moving world, by involving themselves with technology. Technology changed the ways how news industry was running. Now, digital marketing, data analyst and many more are involved in the industry. In the past decade, many news websites came over only to dominate the traditional newspapers arriving at doorsteps every morning. Here are the top news websites which have evolved to provide news from all over the world.


Buzzfeed is an online platform, originally introduced as a news sharing site. The craze made BuzzFeed a worldwide website to watch updated news within seconds of uploading. In recent years their investment in investigative journalism won prestigious awards. This made Buzzfeed officially one of the best news websites.

Google News

Google news works on connecting the latest news from various websites and presents the links. Yet, people prefer it to an individual news website. It allows people to know which website first released particular news. It has various categories from local news to international news.

Yahoo! News

Yahoo News works similar to Google news. The news is released within yahoo news from different sources. Detailed pinned down news is obtained, allowing readers to choose the topmost news which interests them. The reader’s point of view is largely considered making it the most preferable news among others.

BBC News

Also known as the largest broadcasting, British broadcasting corporation shook the world with unpredictable news many times. The trust among people with BBC news is a prestige it’s carrying for 90 years.


CNN is officially rated one of the most visited news websites. It gained popularity for many stories, drawing attention to themselves. This is a traditional TV news channel expanded into technology news. CNN is one of the most influential websites because of its TV channel popularity among adults and the elderly.

NBC News

NBC News is popular for releasing controversial news. It raises different opinions from various people. The engagement among people within the NBC news channel, sharing the news, and high involvement made NBC news a highly visited website. NBC is also a traditional news channel that worked its way into the world wide web to be globally present.

Associated press news

Also known as AP news, is one of the trustworthy news websites. AP press news is a non-profit allowing different stories to be published unbiased. The gained trust from viewers is its asset.


The other popular news websites include NPR, C-Span, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, The Economist and The Christian Science monitor. These are the trustworthy news websites, making people crosscheck in these websites about certain facts. However, many traditional newspapers have expanded into websites and running more successfully than ever. The New York times for New Yorkers, The Hindu for Indians and The LA times for Los Angeles are preferable for respective locales, due to their unending bond from years. Hence, local news websites are honored to provide accurate news from time to time.…

DuckDuckGo-Anonymous Browsing

Increased state surveillance, wide spread concern regarding data sharing and countless security breaches have spooked many of us into the desire to protect our privacy. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is being built secretly under the radar for almost nine years however it has found its stride in the current climate.

What is DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo describes itself as the search engine that doesn’t track your history. It doesn’t use cookies, follow users or even collect personal information. It hides even your IP address; they make it their business to hide their IP address even from themselves.

How is it distinct from other search engines?

Whenever you click on links such as Google and Bing even on private mode then you will realize that the search terms are sent to the site that you are visiting in the HTTP referrer header. Once you get to visit that site the computer automatically shares the information such as your IP address and this kind of information can be used to identify you. DuckDuckGo offers an encrypted version that automatically changes the links from various major sites to the point of encrypted versions including Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and Amazon.

Availability of Tor?

The best way to prevent search leakage is through the use of search proxy. DuckDuckGo operates a so-called Tor exit enclave which aims at getting end-to-end anonymous and encrypted searching. All you need to do is enter proxy domain into the DuckDuckGo and it will automatically route you through a proxy but proxies can be slow especially the free proxies which are funded by advertising.

How do they make money?

As much as most of the websites and search engines collect the data from you to sell to other advertisers, DuckDuckGo takes a very different approach which is the use of keywords. For example, whenever you type in mortgage you get a mortgage ad, if you type in car you get a car ad.

Do they give information to police?

DuckDuckGo doesn’t receive law enforcement requests because they do not receive data request. The law enforcement officials understand that DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect information from clients hence they have nothing to offer them. Most of the laws are about turning the existing business records and they do not have any necessary records to turn to. DuckDuckGo may be just one of those competitors that is rivaling google. Incase you are looking for privacy then you are in the right place. The search engine has a lot more to offer.

DuckDuckGo search features

DuckDuckGo is one of those search engines that claims not to store any personal information. They have a very simple privacy policy where they do not collect information from its users. Another feature of the search engine is that it does not store the user’s history hence it will not follow its users with ads and it will not track the users IP address which simply implies that it has no data to sell.

DuckDuckGo separated itself from its competitors by offering a unique kind of privacy not offered by any other search engine. If you were to take a look at its privacy policy you would be amazed by how secure they are.


Some of the advantages of using DuckDuckGo is based on their privacy policy where it is founded on the policy that they cannot track user information of their clients. It prides itself in offering the most private searches in the market. While private searching once required more technical ability this is no longer so and many users might prefer to use DuckDuckGo when searching for adult content or gray area content such as browing tna board or usasexguide in order to maintain privacy.

It is very easy to use DuckDuckGo since it has a clean and simple user experience that makes using the platform unique. Usability seems to be the primary focus of DuckDuckGo as it displays to be aesthetically pleasing while following the basic concepts of search engines. It is rapidly growing in popularity due to its privacy policy which is very positive for the company as more users simply means more profit.


As much as DuckDuckGo has the best privacy policy it will never much the standard of Google search history. It is the mom and pop version of search engine with Google being the premium gold standard.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t have the resources like Google has, however it is making considerable efforts and improvements every year.…

What are Facebook’s Challenges with Fake News?

The Originality of Information has nowadays become a major topic that is influencing various businesses and people of society and this information is accessed by both the digital and print media. On social networking sites, the effects and influence of this information can be seen very clearly as it is spread at a really fast pace. This information at the same time is so exaggerated and distorted, because of the fact that inauthentic and false matter has such a high capability to cause profound impacts in the real world, in a little span of a few minutes, and to a million of people. The FACEBOOK that we use daily as an information source is nowadays really facing the problem of this fake news trend in the society. The spread and access of this fake news is so wide that for a moment it seemed to be impossible to the organization to think that they could control this problem and maintain the authenticity of the matter they are allowing to be shared through the online platform provided by them.

Fake news is nothing but a term or word that can have a lot of different meanings depending on different things, matters, issues and on some entirely different context. Satires on News information is commonly known as a fake news. The same term is used for the parodies like the ones sung at Saturday live nights. There is a lot written on the matter of the fake news by the media about how this misinformation is reached to the public and how it has become so much convincing that people blindly believe them. It is important to understand that fake news typically refers to mass information. If a social group spreads a rumor about a fuck buddy or adults dating and hooking up, this is different than fake news as it is limited to a small circle. Fake news relates to misinformation spread on a mass level.

The beginning of this problem is due to the cause of such a public issue that its originality could be questioned with a slight hint of having a belief that it could be true. All this menace started only a month just before the election of president in U.S. in 2016. Since it is such a big and important issue, Facebook was obviously filled with a lot of rumors. The Facebook staff was so much startled at finding that people were not only found to be liking a false news and but also were very proudly sharing a viral spam by simply performing the action of Copying and pasting this misleading message to all of their friends. The situations for Facebook got worse when they came to know that this message came with a false threat that said that if they did not share this information then the Facebook would share their personal information. This was literally an out of limit issue for both the working and reputation of the organization.

In spite of the false messages related to the elections and Facebook, a lot of other inauthentic messages were found to be circulating among the society. The Facebook has received a lot of reports on false news, a lot of negative comments were also thrown on Facebook as people believe them to be responsible for such a menace caused due to this fake news. Facebook holds lots of meetings and conferences to clear their role on this issue. They assured the concerned and affected group of people that some major and important steps are going to be taken to handle this problem.

To handle and correct this situation, a small group of staff members came forward and noticed this wide spread rumor gaining popularity. They started to work on the situation the very next second. To handle this they tracked this popularity gaining message by using software specially created for this purpose. They called this program as Stormchaser. This technique was created to track down the false news and locate inauthentic posts shared on the internet of the portal on Facebook, these are the messages that people nowadays view, enjoy and share a lot, they are popularly known as “memes” which are sometimes funny but mostly silly, and a lot of times false and not true internet message. And this time it was a serious issue for the company because these circulating false messages were about none other than the Facebook itself.

Since the most important year of 2016 for the company, Facebook’s staff and employees are consistently using the Stormchaser program to track down and find a huge number of false posts that are viral or widespread. This step of the staff also came with a false but quite a popular theory that the Facebook employees listen and talk to their users via their cell phones or microphone. After some other cases, like this one, the social site urgently took major steps to curb them out. The Staff started debunking of these fake messages by asserting on the Facebook. These are some of the ways in which Facebook is trying to tackle the challenges of fake news.…